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Touching Shadows

Touching Shadows

Book 1: The Scroll of Shadows

My stepfather beat two things into me when I was a kid: my psychic gift was valuable, and my heart was not. So I learned to lie, and I learned to hide.

I still do. Few people know the truth behind my art degree. Fewer still know the dangerous game I play with it.

Reputation is everything in the seedy underbelly of the art world, but who you know is almost as important. Which is why Dominic Stone—the one man who makes my heart race, my blood pound—is beating down my door.

And why I have a problem.

Because if Stone’s telling the truth about his missing heirloom, even if I find it, I can’t give it to him. He might own it, but that painting’s ours—my brother’s and mine. It destroyed our childhood. Its whispers and shadows haunt me still. I can’t let it slip through my hands a second time.

So here I am. Lying, as usual. Normally, I lie for truth and justice. This time, I lie for love. This time it breaks my heart. But there’s no choice. When it’s over, Stone will believe every last lie he’s heard about Megan Alistair, and he’ll walk away without a backward glance.

Can I do it … pretend Stone means nothing to me? Yes. Of course. My whole life’s a lie.

How hard can one more be?

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