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Shadow Seer

Shadow Seer

Book 2: The Scroll of Shadows

Thee, Nemesis, I call …
Winged balancer of life,
Messenger of Justice,
To intervene on behalf of the innocent,
To wield the sword,
Revealing the wickedness in the mind concealed
And rescuing the Sons of Thunder
— Bright Stars of the Night.

Before I was even born, my mother hated me. Called me a demon. A curse.

I wasn’t. Until a serial killer murdered my best friend and left me for dead. Wrecked my body. Shattered my dreams.

Now my dead sister is sending me cryptic messages from the grave, and my living bodyguard is driving me crazy. But not even Brandt Alistair’s sexy grin and quirky humor will turn me from my path.

Because my mother was right when she named me Nemesis. I am Vengeance. I am Justice. I will find the monsters who destroyed my family, and when I do they’ll wish the real Goddess of Retribution had found them first.


Finalist – Romance Writers of New Zealand Clendon Award
Fourth Place – Mainstream with Romantic Elements Category NTRW Great Expectations Competition


Another gripping book from Gracie O’Neil.

– Amazon Reviewer

Shadow Seer should come with a health warning.

– Amazon Reviewer

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