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Heart of Shadows

Heart of Shadows

Book 3: The Scroll of Shadows

If the ghosts of everyone I’ve had to kill floated through my dreams, I’d never sleep.

But right now, being an assassin isn’t my problem. Being Hope Murphy, non-psychic mother of two scary powerful daughters, is my problem. Their soft hearts and wills of titanium are my problem.

Which is why I’ve left my past on the other side of the world. For now. When the girls are old enough to be safe alone, I’ll go back, hunt down the bastards who tried to kill them, and find out why.

At least, that was the plan—until my dead ex-lover walked back into my life, alive and twice as sexy.

Now Galen MacMahon’s my problem. Again. Because what kind of assassin falls for a cop? And what kind of fool falls for the same cop twice?

That would be me.

And I’m left with two choices: trust him with the truth, or put a bullet in him …

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