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Deadly Reunion

Deadly Reunion

Book 1: Covert Liaisons

For thirteen years Ellie Holt’s undercover work has given her exactly what she thought she wanted: personal autonomy and half a world’s distance from her past. But while her job has had its dangerous moments, Ellie’s real scars aren’t just from the three bullets to the chest or two blades in the back. The worst are from one devastating Jake Granville to the heart.

Now a single mom with a four-month-old daughter, Ellie returns to Dallas for her last assignment: to retrieve evidence that Jake Granville’s godfather is a traitor responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people, including members of her own family.

When multi-millionaire Jake Granville dumped Ellie Holt in the most public and devastating way possible, he thought he was protecting her. Now he discovers the sacrifices he’s made to keep her alive have been for nothing. The woman he loves—and the daughter he didn’t know he had—are still targets. And the killer’s getting closer.

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