Mr. Snowman’s Kiss

Mr. Snowman’s Kiss is an anthology of six short stories. Most have been published in magazines.

Intriguing and satisfying.
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Mr. Snowman’s Kiss: (Winner of the RWNZ Short Story Award)—When does friendship turn into something more?

Sage Advice—When it came to gardening know-how Rosemary was the village idiot—until a charming man came to her rescue.

One Good Reason—He only wanted one good reason not to kill her. Why was it so hard to come up with something?

What’s in a Name?—It was a question from out of the blue … and she gave him the most embarrassing answer.

Food For Thought—Gina’s life had become both sour and bland. Was this her chance to add some sweetness and spice?

McGill’s Gully—Only two things could entice Jenny back to McGill’s Gully—love, and retribution.

To read, is a get away for me, to loose myself in a book. I did just that with this book. I loved it.
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