Shadow Seer

Finalist – Romance Writers of New Zealand Clendon Award
Fourth Place – Mainstream with Romantic Elements Category NTRW Great Expectations Competition

Another gripping book from Gracie O’Neil.
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Undercover field intelligence operative Emma Brown is at the top of her game, using her psychic gifts to great effect in a job she loves. But it’s not enough. She dreams of surrounding herself with family; lots of kids, close, supportive—the kind of family she never had growing up. When a sadistic killer’s torture ends any hope that she will bear a child, the loss shatters her. Mutates her abilities. Sends her spiraling towards psychic meltdown and vengeance.

Then her estranged sister dies and leaves behind an enigmatic message, and everything she thought she understood about herself, her family, and her background is overturned.

Now Emma must capture the man who destroyed her future, discover the truth about her past, and deal with two very present complications; Marcus, a toddler whose abilities put hers in the shade, and Brandt Alistair, the infuriating fellow-psychic whose unconventional methods push her to the edge.

Shadow Seer should come with a health warning.
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  • Available: now
  • Edited by: Beth Hill
  • Cover by: Book Cover by Design

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