Touching Shadows

Winner – Romance Writers of New Zealand Clendon Readers’ Choice Award
Winner – Mainstream with Romantic Elements Category NTRW Great Expectations Competition

Terrific, engrossing read.
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Megan Alistair had two things beaten into her early—her psychic gift was valuable, and she was worth nothing. Now she hides both her gift and her heart, and plays a dangerous double game with the art underworld. Her quest? To find the painting whose whispers and shadows have haunted her since childhood.

Rumor tells multi-millionaire Dominic Stone that Megan Alistair is an immoral, money-focused schemer. So when he goes to her with a business proposition to find a missing family heirloom he expects her to bump up the price and then jump at it—and probably jump him as well. He doesn’t expect her categorical refusal. He certainly doesn’t expect to find her attractive. Or courageous. Or vulnerable. Or humorous. And he sure as hell doesn’t expect her to become as important to him as the mystery he needs her help to solve.

Suddenly, for both Megan and Dominic there is more at stake than lost heirlooms. If they don’t trust each other—and dare to love—their past could ruin them and their present could kill them

A fun, fast-paced novel.
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  • Available: now
  • Edited by: Beth Hill
  • Cover by: Book Cover by Design

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