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Gracie was born in London, and raised and educated in New Zealand. Currently living in small-town New Zealand, she shares her life of cheerful chaos with her engineer husband.

However, she shares her birthday with Reese Witherspoon, Andrew Lloyd Webber, William Shatner, and James Patterson. It’s spooky how alike the five of them are: famous, photogenic, articulate, and huge fans of correct punctuation. In fact, she’s often been stopped at the Oxford Comma section of her local supermarket and told, “OMG! You look just like William Shatner.” Or sometimes, “Aren’t you Andrew Lloyd Webber?”

She longs for the day she’s mistaken for Reese Witherspoon. She lives for the day she can write—and sell—like James Patterson.

Over the years, Gracie has taught elementary school, nodded encouragingly during meetings of electrical engineers, coaxed technophobes down off tall buildings with soothing noises and chocolate, and translated technical documentation from improper Asian porn to proper, boring English.

She’s also spent two years as part of the editorial team responsible for Romance Writers of New Zealand’s monthly magazine, Heart To Heart, and is both a former VP and Membership Secretary of that organization.

Her work has won the Romance Writers of New Zealand Clendon Readers’ Choice Award, and the Mainstream with Romantic Elements Category NTRW Great Expectations Competition.

She loves making sure the villain gets what’s coming to him and the heroine gets her ‘happy-ever-after’. You can find her most mornings at her local cafe drinking cappuccino and working on her next book.

Just shout out, “Hey, Reese Witherspoon! Is that you?” She’ll probably treat you to coffee.

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